Stand By Her

Changing lives by improving feminine hygiene.

The Common People is committed to our ‘Stand By Her’ project aimed at improving the feminine hygiene of girls and women in rural villages, by providing sanitary products and hygiene education to all women folks. Girls and women in underprivileged countries often face a lack of sanitary products because of insufficient funds or access to these basic hygiene comforts. They may end up using newspapers, leaves, cloth or other simple means to manage their monthly cycles. Lack of confidence and embarrassment may lead to children not wanting to go to school and even a physical stigma which they could associate this issue with which could remain through their lifetime.

How will your donation help?

With the ‘Stand By Her’ initiative – we aim to provide women with access to basic hygiene amenities with monthly sanitary pad packs and educate teenage girls in rural villages on how to improve feminine hygiene. Your donation can change lives.

All donations over $2 in Australia are tax deductible.

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