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The Common People was formed in 2014 by a bunch of musicians focussed on reaching out to people in need around the globe.  We primarily raise funds for various projects through our annual charity concerts.  Over the years, we have shared the passion with various other like-minded organisations like Watoto African Children’s Choir, Christian Blind Mission, Samaritan’s Purse and Red Cross Australia.  In 2019, we undertook our own mission of sponsoring 1000 children from remote villages.

The story behind the name of our organisation ‘The Common People’ is in the name itself. We are an organisation that comprises of common folks from all walks of life who are passionate about the greater common good. Our primary mission is to promote education, health and a holistic development of children living in underprivileged countries. We are run by an army of volunteers and we pursue our vision in the true spirit of servanthood inspired by the principles and ministry of Jesus Christ.

“… everybody is an insider.”
” This family has no outsiders…”

Voices for the Voiceless

The Common People has a keen interest in performing arts including various genres of music and related creative arts. We embrace seamless creativity and our concerts have brought together fusion concepts across eras from different parts of the world without barriers in languages or cultures. Our recitals with the Watoto African Children’s Choir and our concerts at the St. Paul’s Cathedral (Melbourne) in 2016 and the Sydney Opera House in 2018 helped us touch hundreds of people in need around the globe.

With our hearts set on bettering the lives of underprivileged children and breaking the poverty cycle, we initiated our own international aid project in 2019. Our immediate vision is to support 1000 children on a regular basis and aid their holistic development including nourishment, education, healthcare and mental well being. The Common People’s heart to quickly respond to the needs of the international communities, our willingness to leverage the experiences from our journey and the support of our benefactors is guiding us towards our vision.

The Common People Team

Our Vision
To provide holistic support for 1000 disadvantaged children and families by 2030
Our Mission
To break the cycle of poverty with education, nourishment and health care
Our Ethos
To pursue a life of servanthood for the betterment of the world around us

Why Choose Us

Get behind us in this tranformative journey
We are for children
We genuinely care about the wellbeing of children and strive to bring them from streets into schools.
Diversity and Inclusion
Our zero tolerance policy for discrimination against age, race, religion, gender and disability.
No Administration Fees
100% of your donation is used for the wellbeing of the child and their community.
Army of Volunteers
All our ground staff comprising of support workers, counsellors, medical doctors and our administration team are all passionate volunteers.
Our Creative Arts Concerts
Choose to be a part of our music and performing arts concerts which helps in raising funds for our international aid projects.
You have a say
As a valued partner, we listen to you and value your feedback for the advancement of the disadvantaged communities.